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Lanteria HR

Lanteria SharePoint HR Solutions

HR platform that meets the unique needs of mid-sized and large businesses

Why Lanteria HR?

Lanteria HR solutions cover every HR process in a company, making people management easy — from automated onboarding and performance appraisal to PTO tracking, employee charts, reports, and so much more.

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Lanteria HR is adaptive. You can pick the solutions you need today and add more features as your company grows and HR processes get more complex.



An all-in-one HR management platform saves time. Lanteria connects HR, Recruitment, Performance, and Learning management in one system, so you can spend less time on small tasks and focus on things that are more important.



Lanteria customers report up to a 90% increase in planning quality after moving to our HR management solutions, as well as a 95% increase in self-service for employees. You could save almost a week of work with Lanteria HR.



Lanteria HR is a Microsoft Gold Partner, which provides a wide range of integrations with Microsoft apps, including SharePoint, Office 365, Teams, and more. Not to mention over 30 apps like Zapier, ZipRecruiter, DocuSign, Go1, and other software that complete the modern HR manager’s workstation.



Want more facts about our SharePoint HR solutions? They reduce time spent on onboarding by up to 60% and require fewer people to be involved. This means that your HR team could focus on their core functions without being distracted by administrative burdens.

Lanteria HR solutions

Core HR

Automate essential HR processes, create transparency with accessible org charts, and maintain centralized storage for all employee data using HR document management.

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Time and Attendance

Setup company attendance policies, track and approve both paid and unpaid time off, and register time spent on other work-related activities through a SharePoint Employee Self Service portal.


Unify and automate the entire recruitment process from Job Postings to Onboarding, to ensure you have the right people in your team.

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Empower and engage high performers by setting clear goals and streamlining employee appraisal and feedback processes. Focus on productivity, creating a thriving company culture.

Learning Management

Develop employees’ skills and competencies by planning and delivering targeted training programs, managing compliance requirements, and tracking individual progress, records and certifications.

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Report Center

Create charts and reports to visualize your HR data. Compile the desired information in easy-to-build custom reports. Support the most informed decisions for managers and stakeholders.

Employee Self Service Portal

Increase employee engagement, create ownership, save time / costs, and improve collaboration with SharePoint Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) portals.

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