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Committed to a data-driven approach

Measuring outcomes in our area of expertise can be difficult, largely because it involves the complex dynamics of human behaviour, which businesses may find challenging. This complexity is often why people and leadership practices aren't always prioritized.

We are committed to a data-driven approach and equipped with the necessary tools to implement it. 🚀

Here are some examples of the metrics you could expect to see if you were working with us.

1. Disengagement Cost: EUR 155.000 Amount 

Disengaged employees often exhibit reduced productivity, a higher incidence of absenteeism, and can negatively influence their colleagues.

2. Talent Risk: 6/10 

Identify the risk of an organization's workforce underperforming or not meeting their full potential, which can jeopardize the future leadership and success of the organization. Recognizing these risks allows you to take steps to enhance both the organization's and the individuals' performance and potential

3. Matching Score of Behavioural Profile vs Behavioural Requirements of the role: 7.5/10

Identifying the behavioral expectations for a position provides additional insight into how closely an individual's behavior aligns with the role, offering a valuable metric for assessing job compatibility.

4. Cost per Hire: EUR 3.800

Cost per hire is a key metric that represents the total amount of money an organization spends on the recruitment process to fill a vacancy.

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