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Meet Our Collaborators: The Driving Force Behind Our Success

Andreas Tziarras

Managing Director

Andreas Tziarras

Andreas has a decade of experience in corporate leadership roles and a track record of driving positive change in organizations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


His expertise lies in building HR systems, streamlining processes, and managing talent through world-class frameworks. Andreas leads OneJar, a boutique consulting firm, utilizing data-driven methods based on the latest people practices and technology to provide an accurate and objective view of talent management strategies.


Andreas efforts have significantly improved hiring and retention rates, employee productivity and business outcomes for multiple international clients.


Andreas is also a Co-founder and Director of TalentJar, a sub-brand of OneJar.

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Despoina Charalampous Photo_edited_edite
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Recruitment Consultant

Despoina Charalampous

Despoina brings a strong background in Business Marketing and a wide range of experiences in recruitment. She has developed a knack for improving recruitment processes and making the candidate experience better.

In her role as a Recruitment Consultant, she gained valuable insights into market trends and client needs. Now working at TalentJar and OneJar, Despoina is skilled at matching candidates with their ideal jobs, ensuring a good fit for both employers and job seekers.

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Antros Yiasemi

Co-founder and Director

Antros Yiasemi

Antros Yiasemi brings over a decade of impactful leadership in the pharmaceutical and financial sectors, driving business results through innovative people practices. In his role as Co-founder and Director at OneJar, a boutique consulting firm, he applies a hands-on approach with data-driven strategies to enhance productivity and cultivate a positive workplace culture.


Known for his intuitive understanding of talent acquisition, Antros excels in matching individuals with the right roles, ensuring both professional fulfilment and organizational efficiency.


For Antros, the key to success comes from his strong focus on building candidate and client relationships, always valuing trust and confidentiality in his work.


Antros is also a Co-founder and Managing Director of TalentJar, a sub-brand of OneJar.

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Katerina Charalampous
Katerina Kida_edited.jpg

HR Generalist

Katerina Charalampous

Katerina's shift from an academic background to HR consulting marks an intriguing chapter in her career narrative.


During her seven-year tenure as an English tutor, she has empowered her students to hone their language and communication skills. Leveraging her educational expertise and organizational skills, Katerina now excels in HR consulting at OneJar, offering guidance and robust support to enhance our clients' human resources functions.

Her role is instrumental in supporting clients by maintaining systems and processes to help them achieve their objectives.


Katerina also has a supportive role at TalentJar, a sub-brand of OneJar.

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