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Extend HR

Transform Your HR Management with Us

Elevate your HR management with 'Extend HR' offering tailored solutions, efficient processes, digital transformation, enhanced employee engagement, strategic support, and a data-driven approach for long-term success.

Flexibility Icon - OneJar is an HR boutique firm delivering world-class solutions.

Tailored HR Solutions

Customized services designed for complete outsourcing, building or expanding your HR department, catering to companies of all sizes, up to 5,000 employees.


Efficient Processes

Streamlined and effective HR processes covering recruitment, training, performance to termination, ensuring operational efficiency.


Digital Transformation

Embrace advanced digital systems for seamless HR management, enhancing accessibility and accuracy.


Enhanced Employee Engagement

Strategic initiatives focused on improving employee engagement and productivity through insightful surveys and workshops.

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Strategic Support

Expert guidance aligned with your business goals, offering strategic insights for long-term success.

Productivity Icon - OneJar is an HR boutique firm delivering world-class solutions.

Data-Drive Approach

Leverage our advanced tools like Org-Pulse, Talent Risk Framework, Psychometrics, TalentMax Framework, ENPs, and Trust 360 to inform and optimize our strategies.


Meaningful Employer Branding

Elevate your employer branding by enhancing your social media presence, securing industry awards, forging university partnerships, and refining your message for the job market.

Struggling To Find The Right Digital HR Tool? Reach Out To Us.

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