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Leadership Training Workshop

Leadership Training Workshop

The purpose of the "Lead Yourself" leadership training workshop is to equip participants with the Leadership skills and self-awareness necessary to become effective leaders of themselves and others. The workshop serves as a foundation for leadership principles, focusing on personal development and self-improvement, through interactive exercises and games.


Feedback From Peers

Gain a better undertesting of your strengths and weakness through the eyes of your peers.


Personal Coaching

Get a 1:1 coaching session,  before the workshop.


Psychometric Assessment

Discover yourself through one of the most popular Psychometric Assessments  globally, the PI Predictive Index.

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Leadership Intro

Self-Discovery for Effective Leadership

Building Trust: Leadership Behaviors for Strong Team and Stakeholder Relationships

Mastering effective communication

Owning Your Influence: The Power of Responsibility and Accountability in Leadership

The way forward: Development Plan

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