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Ingentis org.manager®

HR data visualization from any source

How To Make Use of Our Software For Org Charts, Design, and Analytics


Fully Automated Org Charting

Up-to-date org charts from any source without any manual work required.


Process and FTE Allocation

Keep an eye on processes and required FTEs to manage the workload.


HR Analytics and Big Data

Charts and diagrams help maintain an overview also of large amounts of data.


What-If Scenarios & Modeling

Simulate and evaluate structural changes before putting them into place.


Org and Effectiveness Analysis

New perspectives and insights on your organizational structure.


Talent & Success Management

Keep an eye on employees’ skills and facilitate internal succession.

How To Make Use of Our Software For Org Charts, Design, and Analytics

How To Make Use of Our Software For Org Charts, Design, and Analytics


HR Controlling & People Analytics

with Ingentis org.manager

Popular Use Cases In People Analytics


Diversity and Inclusion Management

Diverse companies are more innovative, more dynamic, and more likely to attract top talent which helps them outperform other companies in the marketplace. But how can you efficiently manage diversity and inclusion in your company? How can you stay on top of the relevant facts and figures and know when it’s time to take action? Thanks to its data visualization features, Ingentis org.manager helps organizations measure the diversity supported across an entire organization.


Analyzing Open Positions

Whether an organization leverages position based management or person-to-person reporting, the importance of having visibility into vacancies across the organization along with KPIs to track critical areas of the organization is paramount. A key driver to successful workforce planning is understanding what open positions need to be filled and the time to fill metric for key positions. Ingentis org.manager can help organizations to more effectively manage their vacancies with the help of KPI visualization. 


HR Reporting on Retirement Eligibility

The visualization tools offered by Ingentis org.manager can also be used to calculate and visualize who in your company is eligible for retirement. For instance, if you look for employees that will retire within the next 6 years, move the respective slider back and forth to the right point in time to make them visible in the org chart. For better workforce planning, you could also highlight top performers and years of performance. 

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