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OneJar Featured on GoldNews

OneJar featured on GoldNews, describing our digital HR products and solutions.

Please read below the whole article or use this link.

OneJar featured on GoldNews, describing our digital HR products and solutions.

The article


OneJar is a business consulting firm delivering world-class digital HR solutions that help companies optimize their talents and enhance business results. In addition, OneJar provides tailor-made HR and management consulting services.

Our approach is to engage clients while prioritizing trust and transparency and deliver the optimal HR solutions and tailor-made services for their success.

Digital HR Solutions & Psychometrics Tools

We fundamentally believe that companies can leverage HR to achieve business results through modern tools, SaaS solutions, analytics, and psychometrics.

As a result of our international experience with multinational companies and premium partners, we realized that there is a gap in digital HR solutions in the Cyprus market that can introduce HR processes to the digital era. Accordingly, we partnered with international companies in Denmark, Singapore, and the United States to enter the Cyprus market with modern solutions that can drive measurable results in the broader HR sphere (e.g., talent management, recruitment, onboarding, engagement, leadership development, performance, and retention)

Global workplace trends are also affecting companies in Cyprus, where employee turnover is increasing and is becoming challenging to access talent.

Fortunately, digital HR solutions can enhance performance by improving retention rates, boosting employee engagement, and driving personal leadership development. They also facilitate a lean and digital HR organization that can scale with future growth.

Apart from the aforementioned obstacles, the Cyprus market also lacks behavioral assessments to help match candidates with jobs so that employee engagement and hiring success ratios are high. Our science-based practical solutions provide a high degree of accuracy and an excellent employee/candidate experience.

As associate partners of Humanostics, we are a leader in workplace assessment solutions through our SaaS platform and series of professional training workshops. Notably, the Predictive Index allows you to understand what drives workplace behaviors to ensure alignment, facilitate team success, and help employees understand each other and who you are hiring.

The assessment tools are listed below:

• The PI Behavioral Assessment™ (PI BA) accurately predicts workplace behaviors and tendencies.

• The PI Cognitive Assessment™ (PI CA, formerly PLI™) assesses learning aptitude and the ability to handle complexity.

• The PI Job Assessment™ (PI JA) helps you create behavioral and cognitive job targets for open positions.

• The PI Employee Experience Survey™ (PI XP) measures engagement and provides personalized action plans.

Tailor-Made HR Solutions

To achieve exceptional results, OneJar utilizes its global experience managing significant organizational changes, implementing new processes and systems, and overseeing mergers and acquisitions to provide customized solutions when partnering with various HR and management teams. We join each client’s journey to provide hands-on support and address their needs through leadership development, coaching, change management, and people engagement.

Behind OneJar

Andreas Tziarras holds the position of Managing Director at OneJar. Previously, he held various senior leadership roles in HR and organizational development within the maritime industry, where he implemented various digital HR solutions across the globe and achieved exceptional business results.

His experience stems from scaling up and down offices and dealing with mergers and acquisitions using various HR and management tools and practices in a variety of countries in Asia and Europe. Furthermore, he enjoys collaborating with people, as well as introducing and managing organizational transformation initiatives.

Andreas has a genuine interest in commercial business models, leadership development, team dynamics, and building up HR departments. His background and experience are listed below:

• Certified executive coach (Henley Business School)

• Certified psychometrics practitioner in Predictive Index and Hogan Assessments.

• MSc in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior

• BSc Sociology and Political Sciences

• Eight years of international experience in senior leadership roles in Asia and Europe


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